Special NA-PAC'13 Issue of PRST-AB

Does your material have the potential to go beyond a three- or five-page paper in an unrefereed Proceedings? Consider expanding it for submittal to Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams (PRST-AB). PRST-AB is offering a special edition for our conference. PRST-AB is a peer-reviewed, all-electronic journal published by the American Physical Society (APS). Articles based on NA-PAC'13 papers and submitted to PRST-AB will be reviewed through their normal refereeing procedure.

PRST-AB's all-electronic nature enables timely publication; articles will be published as soon as they are accepted in final form, without the need to wait for other papers presented at the conference.

In keeping with PRST-AB policy as a part of the refereed literature, papers must contain either important new results in science and/or technology, or review active areas of accelerator and particle beam research. Confirmation of previously published results of unusual importance can be considered as new, as can significant null results. Review articles should review active areas of research in a form that is useful to both practitioners and people entering the field.

Authors are asked to give considerable attention to the presentation of their material, making introductions accessible to intermediate graduate students and readers from other fields. The body of each paper should be efficiently and thoughtfully organized.

Papers cannot be identical duplicates of work submitted for publication to another journal or to any conference proceedings. Material previously published, or submitted for publication, in a Letters journal or in conference proceedings (specifically including the NA-PAC'13 Proceedings) can be the basis of an article in the PRST-AB Special Edition. Compared to the other manuscript, the one submitted to PRST-AB must present more information, enabling the reader to obtain an improved understanding of the subject. Note that this does not require new physics results as compared to the conference submission, but it does require more details, discussion, etc.

More information about the PRST-AB editorial policies is available at at the journal's website. Contact Frank Zimmermann, PRST-AB Editor, if you have questions.

Note: You will be submitting this paper to PRST-AB via e-mail to them, not through JACoW SPMS. Be sure to indicate NA-PAC'13 Special Edition in the message accompanying submission to PRST-AB.