Poster Presentation Guidelines

We will make every attempt to organize the poster sessions logically according to content, and to schedule them for maximal attendance opportunities.

Anticipated approximate dimensions of a poster display board. Two people's posters go on each side (i.e., you have half the space shown in the illustration).
Poster Dimensions
As shown in the illustration, your poster space will be approximately 4 x 4 feet (1.2 x 1.2 m). Most plotters with 36- or 48-inch-wide rolls of paper will produce a nice poster that fits in this area. The board will be suitable for pushpins or thumbtacks. Pushpins, and other small office supplies, will be provided.
Simply printing out a Proceedings manuscript does not work. A poster is rhetorically and visually different—incorporating elements of an oral presentation as well as those of a journal article. The headline lettering should be readable from several feet away. People walking by should be able to quickly tell what your poster is about, and whether they wish to come closer, read the details, and ask questions.

Bring With or Print Locally?
We recommend that you print your poster before travel and bring it in a tube. Having your poster already printed makes for a more pleasant and relaxed day with no risk of missing interesting talks. Just in case, though, we will have a list of local businesses that can print posters. NA-PAC'13 itself is unable to print posters for attendees.

A Poster is a Presentation, Not Just an Object
One of the authors, or a colleague who is registered for the conference and who can speak knowledgeably about the material, must be near the poster throughout the session (with reasonable breaks, of course). Posters that are put up by a colleague and left abandoned, with no one nearby to answer questions, are much less valuable to other attendees. The Scientific Program Committee reserves the right to refuse papers for publication which have not been properly presented or attended in the poster sessions. Manuscripts of contributions to the proceedings (or enlargements of them) are not considered acceptable, and posters presented in this way will not be approved for publication in the Proceedings.
Scheduling for Poster Presentations
The timing and location of poster sessions, including setup and (by implication) teardown, will be shown in the table of sessions on the Scientific Program tab. Generally speaking, posters are to be mounted anytime from 08:30 to 12:00 on the day of the session; attended (with reasonable breaks) from 16:30 to 18:30; and removed immediately after the end of the session.