TDK-Lambda Americas — Booth 8

TDK-Lambda Americas High Power Division is a leading designer and manufacturer of Programmable High Power AC to DC, and High Voltage Capacitor Charging and DC power supplies. Our programmable AC to DC products cover power ranges from 750W to 90kW in a single package, with output voltages from 6 to 600V and Currents from 1.6 to 3,000A. All models are programmable from zero to full rated current/voltage either via front panel controls, or remote analog or digital interface. Our ALE branded High Voltage supplies are available in power levels from 500J/sec to 30kJ/sec for capacitor charging applications, and 500W to 50kW in continuous DC applications. All HV supplies include a comprehensive analog remote control interface, and can easily be operated in parallel for applications requiring increased power.