TREK, INC. — Booth 61

TREK, INC., located in upstate New York, designs and manufactures robust, high-performance, high-voltage power amplifiers for demanding applications. Trek capabilities include voltage range of 0 to ±60 kV, slew rate up to 1500 V/µs, current up to 10A, and frequency DC to 3 MHz. Standard and custom products available. Applications include: electrostatic deflection/focusing, gyrotron power supplies, ion source supplies, ion traps, laser & electro-optic modulation, partial discharge research, particle accelerators, precipitation, plasma power supplies, and spectroscopy. Trek also provides electrostatic measurement instruments for high performance applications. Products include charged plate monitors, electrostatic sensors and detectors, electrostatic voltmeters, and surface resistance/resistivity meters.

TREK, INC., 11601 Maple Ridge Rd, Medina, NY 14103 USA. 585-798-3140 / 800-367-8735.