CML Engineering — Booth 5

CML Engineering Sales, Inc. manufactures advanced technology high power microwave components, careering to International Science Research Facilities, University Laboratories and US Defense/Research Agencies. CML provides High Power Microwave Components for your Particle Accelerator or Radar Systems, as well as for Plasma Physics systems. At CML we understand that your microwave systems may require special waveguide configurations and, therefore, we keep many subassemblies in stock that can be quickly completed to meet your specifications and delivery requirements.

CML also provides repair and replacement support for similar components formerly manufactured by other companies which are no longer in this business, such as Varian MCMO and Titan Beta. In 2002 CML purchased the High Power Microwave Components business from Titan Beta and added their product line to our components lineup. We also welcome the opportunity to design new components with unique characteristics to meet your critical specifications. We look forward to being of service to you in meeting your requirements for high power microwave components.